“It’s a joy to put paint on paper and in some small way enhance people’s  already wonderful lives.”
- kate g.

About the Artist

Kate is a watercolor artist and illustrator, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After studying fine arts at Baylor University, she called Texas home for a while. She moved to Cape Town where she fell in love with her South African hubby. Kate has found that her extensive global travel has given her a new appreciation for traditions, simplicity and beauty that can be found in her artwork. Her work reflects her Southern roots and illuminates the importance of family.

Behind MKG

Made by Kate G. launched officially in the fall of 2019 as a way to celebrate special moments in loved one’s lives. MKG seeks to bring joy and life into the homes of their clients, filling them with fond memories. MKG prides itself on individualized customer service, working with each client to create what is dear to their hearts. Through delicate floral design and curated watercolor patterns, MKG seeks to put a little bit of joy on paper just for you.

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